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I have been re-thinking / re-imagining what prayer is and could be for several years now…(see here, here,┬áhere and here, oh, and here) …trying to make it more fun, creative, engaging, profound and… Continue reading

Chocolat: the village and the film

Recently with some friends, I drove about 3 hours away to Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, the beautiful, little medieval village where the movie Chocolat was filmed. (If you are driving from Paris to Lyon, it makes… Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago I led a group of friends in a group contemplation on fruit. (I love the French phrase that my friend, Marie came up with to describe the event:… Continue reading

A Thanksgiving Idea

This Thanksgiving… pull yourself away from the table and the tv find a blank sheet of paper and a pen start writing down the names of people in your life that have shaped… Continue reading

Practicing Imagination

I enjoy modern art…but I’m not an expert….I just like to see it…to hear it… to experience it. I’m not sure why…I think I’m on a journey to figure that out. There is… Continue reading

Name Exploration

Excercise: With pen and paper, pick a name for God, then explore it, explain it, play with it… Examples: You are Creator… you created maple trees, bushes, bugs, me, my wife, my kids,… Continue reading