My Compassion Manifesto

This Rumi quote is going to become my theme, not for just this year, but for the next several years “Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life… Continue reading

A Brazilian Christmas Tale

A Brazilian Christmas Tale by David Brazzeal The gray-haired pastor wiped the sweat from his brow. “So, in summary, we’ll keep things just as they were last year, ‘ta bom?  The Christmas program… Continue reading

Labyrinth @ Mary Brandon Park

String Play

Another piece of music for modern dance…..I give you String Play.

Child’s Play

A really fun piece for a modern dance project in November… will have an accompanying video of kids playing. Give it a listen, it should make you at least smile, if not laugh.

Opening Up

Check out my new piece for modern dance – OPENING UP. I see it as a calm-in-the-midst-of-chaos type piece. We CAN find moments of transcendence in the middle of the craziness.  

Brive’s Medium Length Film Festival

I enjoyed another season of the FESTIVAL DU CINÉMA DU BRIVE. It is a cool little festival of medium-length films, that’s from about 30-60 minutes. It’s enough time to get across a pretty… Continue reading

TE DEUM – Latin/English/French-Jazz/Classical

Check out this “in progress” video filmed during the choral recording of John Featherstone’s TE DEUM. It is an amazing work in 3 languages and melange of classical, jazz and gospel styles. Truly… Continue reading

Sweet Thing – Really Touching Video by my Friend Laura Llorens

Poésie Block-out Poetry

This weekend we had another wonderful ART PARTY here in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France. One of the activities was a table dedicated to Block-out (or Black-out) Poetry. Block-out poetry is done by ripping out of… Continue reading

Afternoon Fun

Music for modern dance written for the Demetrius Klein Dance Company DIY Projects of West Palm Beach, FL in 2016

Some Kind of Morning

Music for modern dance used by choreographers Demetrius Klein and Gina Buntz in 2016

Art Party – modern dance music

This past weekend we had a fabulous ART PARTY chez nous! It featured my recently composed music for a modern dance company in South Florida. But, knowing that would be a bit boring… Continue reading

My First Coffee Cupping

This week I attended my first Coffee Cupping.

I love it — love it — love it!!

Pray Like a Gourmet is one of the most exciting and delightful books on prayer that I have ever read! Absolutely love this book!! Absolutely a 5++++!!

25 Year Anniversary of HCC

25 years ago in Brazil, I played a role in the most grand musical project of my lifetime – The creation of a new Hymnal for Brazilian churches. We called it the Hinário Para Culto Cristão.

7+7+7+7= a Modern Dance Project

I’m really proud to be collaborating again with the Demetrius Klein Dance Company. I’ll be providing all of music for the Seven Dances, Seven Minutes, Seven Choreographers and Seven Spaces portion of this… Continue reading

Just – Inspiration from the Song of Songs

This piece of minimalist vocal music from David Lang has quickly become my favorite piece of music. Besides being an amazingly enchanting piece of music, what David Lang is doing with the text… Continue reading

New Year Speed Bump *

Originally posted on Mud at the wall:
I drag my case over the man-made border Between one year and the next A sleeping policeman Lying in the road Marks time in yellow and…

Pray like a Gourmet: A Book Review

Originally posted on rAwe:
Pray like a Gourmet: Creative Ways to Feed Your Soul by David Brazzeal One chapter into this book and I was already forming my review: This book wasn’t what…

An Outdated Birthday Gift

I had a great birthday party this year. Since my good friend, also named David, celebrated his 40th year just one day after my 60…we decided to celebrate together our 100 years of… Continue reading

130 Ribbons

I am very grateful for the opportunity (and permission) to create this “hommage” of 130 purple ribbons to the 130 victims of the atrocities in Paris (November 13, 2015). We also held a… Continue reading

House Concert with John Featherstone

Baguettes and Boulangeries

This past weekend I attended a weekend retreat with friends in this cute little cottage in Normandy. On the first morning while trying to cut into a crusty baguette left over from the… Continue reading