I love it — love it — love it!!

img_0202-1Another stellar review of PRAY LIKE A GOURMET! Thank you Mystic Gardener!

Pray Like a Gourmet is one of the most exciting and delightful books on prayer that I have ever read! Absolutely love this book!! Author, David Brazzeal, has worked with the International Mission Board in several countries and has played a leading role in five innovative churches. Now Brazzeal invites us with his book, Pray Like a Gourmet, to the premise that prayer can be compared to a meal. The question he proposes is what kind of a meal do we want to eat….fast food? frozen dinner? microwave? same old, same old? Or do we want to indulge in and savor a gourmet meal made with creativity and joy?

Throughout the book, Brazzeal points us again and again toward those gourmet meals. His book is part autobiographical spiritual journey, part teaching on prayer, and part innovative and unique options and experiments on how to seek God in prayer. And in addition, this colorful, engagingly written book is interspersed with whimsical illustrations by Brazzeal’s good friend, Willemijn de Groot which adds even more of a sweetness and allure to this book.

How do I express how I feel about this book?? I love it — love it — love it!!

Have you ever had a book that you need to rate on a scale of 1-5 and yet there is a great frustration because the numbers don’t go high enough?!? That’s this book…way beyond a 5! I would highly, highly recommend it for those who long to seek God in the depths and in intimacy, as well as for pastors, prayer leaders, retreat leaders, and others who long to creatively seek the Lord! Absolutely a 5++++!!

I received this book from Paraclete Press (…) for the purposes of review. I couldn’t be more delighted!