My First Coffee Cupping

cupping1(First off, let me say that I absolutely had to go get a cup of coffee in order to write this post with full inspiration. You may need to get one as well.)

This week I attended my first Coffee Cupping. If you’ve never heard of a cupping, neither had I until this experience. Evidently it is a thing coffee roasters do to put several types of coffees (from different countries, of different roasts) on equal footing so that you can decide which you like best.

Here’s a bit of the ceremony…an equal amount of ground coffee of each roast is placed in a cup. An equal amount of hot water is then carefully added with an elegant swirling motion. After the precise length of time, the grounds are scooped off the top in 3 swipes of the a spoon. Then each participant is invited to taste each coffee with a spoon and to rank their top 3 favorites. For me a coffee from Kenya came out on top.

It was all a lot of fun. Big thanks to friends Marcus and Nicolas for making it happen.