I do a little composing…

3 pieces from 2021

in 2017, more music for modern dance….

In 2016 I was commissioned to write several pieces for modern dance….7 pieces of music at 7 minutes each for 7 choreographers in 7 different spaces. Fun! Here’s a few of them…

You can listen to some of them here at my soundcloud site.

Check out some of my ambient soundscapes on my SoundCloud site HERE.

I’ve done a string of a cappella choral pieces
looking for good choirs who can sing these tunes
would love to write more of these if I had some positive imput to encourage me on

download the pdfs if you lead a choir and would like to try them out
Hope-Bringer – SATB, ac – great text by Tess Ward, Oxford, England
Bless Me– SATB, ac – touching text by Tess Ward
Christmas Benediction – SATB,ac – perfect closing to a Christmas service

I’m also proud of this congregational benediction with my own text…
May the Lord of All Peace

Another sample of my electro-acoustic dabbling…. bells/cloches/sinos
All is played on what is perhaps the worst electric guitar ever
and an old BOSS effects pedal.
(I’m simply playing with bell sounds from calm to chaos to calm)

Voici, quelques arrangements en français
(Here are a couple of arrangements in French)
Offrons nos voix

In the past I wrote a good bit for childern’s choirs

Here are two tunes still in print with Chorister’s Guild
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord
Now Paul, He Was a Servant

Below are videos of a few solo instrumental pieces I did for modern dance

This rondo is a lament…for the native peoples who were expelled from this Floridian land…for the lack of water in this natural wet land.

That’s me banking away on a Martin guitar with a rubber mallet and my daughter, Kori dancing.

Here I’m trying to evoke the peacefulness of the surroundings later being invaded by encroaching urbanization.

David Brazzeal

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