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Arcade Fire Unites my Life

I’ve just watched the live stream of the new Arcade Fire album – Reflektor. In a weird way, it unites the loose ends of my life: Arcade Fire hails from Montreal, where I… Continue reading

and the seed of encouragement raises its beautiful head

Today on facebook, a fb friend, Gary Bowen, announced his first solo photography show for next April 2013 in a small café on the west side Montréal. In the comment section he specifically… Continue reading

Meubles et Monde (Furniture and World)

I am SUPER PROUD of my friends Julien and Andrea!!! Their new NGO, Meubles et Monde distributes furniture to new immigrants in their community, Park Extension in Montréal. The following article appeared in… Continue reading

Labyrinth v.4.1

OK…here’s one more. This is a spiral that expands. It also has lots of little yellow wild flowers. Nice! The picture is after its second cut. Also I had a wonderful conversation with… Continue reading

3rd Labyrinth

On Monday morning I made my third guerrilla labyrinth, this on a spiral in a very public place…along the Lachine Canal, just west of Atwater. It is just along side a this very… Continue reading

Labyrinth v.2.0

I mowed my second labyrinth near the first one in the woods, however this one is a classic square design in the grass. I hope to borrow Ron’s engraving tool and engrave some… Continue reading