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I love it — love it — love it!!

Pray Like a Gourmet is one of the most exciting and delightful books on prayer that I have ever read! Absolutely love this book!! Absolutely a 5++++!!

25 Year Anniversary of HCC

25 years ago in Brazil, I played a role in the most grand musical project of my lifetime – The creation of a new Hymnal for Brazilian churches. We called it the Hinário Para Culto Cristão.

Art is Frightening

Art is frightening. Art isn’t pretty. Art isn’t painting. Art isn’t something you hang on the wall. Art is what we do when we’re truly alive. If you’ve already decided that you’re not… Continue reading

Waterfall of Creativity

An interesting thing happened the other night. I had been asleep only about an hour when I suddenly woke up. I had left NPR radio streaming on my iphone beside my bed…I naturally… Continue reading

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Here’s a amazingly beautiful and surprisingly touching story about books….

All of us are meaning-seekers…

“All of us are meaning-seekers. We approach every painting, novel, film, symphony, or ballet unconsciously hoping that it will move us one step further on the journey toward answering the question, ‘Why am… Continue reading

Me, you AND….

Occasionally I read through something in the Bible and I say to myself things like, “Has this always been here?” “Why haven’t I seen this before?” “How could I not have I never… Continue reading

Seeing IS Believing

I read this morning an sobering quote that I think many of my Christian friends need to read. It is from Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire (by Canadians Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat)… Continue reading

The Cloud of Unknowing

I’m re-reading the classic The Cloud of Unknowing. I’d like to present some of the stuff I’m finding… PHRASES I LIKE “…He kindled your desire with the greatest grace and attached to it… Continue reading

Cycical Theory of History

Yesterday I was reading about the novel Finnegans Wake, which is based around the cyclical theory of history as developed by philosopher Giambattista Vico in 1725. Vico saw that history passes through four… Continue reading

A Mid-Winter Prayer

From the rising of the midwinter sun to its setting Scatter the darkness with the light of your love, O Shining One. Make me short on mean thoughts, long on offering words of… Continue reading

A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong

I picked this book up at the Grande Biblioteque Nationale and had it read by the next morning. It gives you a huge, huge picture of humanity and religion (or myth) with out… Continue reading

Henri Nouwen on Leadership

While at my daughters house I picked up this little book, In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen and read it one morning. He gives insight into what he learned from his… Continue reading

The Barbarian Conversion

My wife checked this book out for me at the library: The Barbarian Conversion – from Paganism to Christianity, by Richard Fletcher. I don’t know why, but for a number of years I’ve… Continue reading

On the concept of Christian perfection

In the book Toward the Future, Teilhard de Chardin throws in some nice little illustrations that have become very helpful to me in graphically showing that the kingdom of God is not some… Continue reading

Toward the Future

I’m reading through Theilhard de Chardin’s book Toward the Future. I wasn’t expecting to get much out of it, to tell the truth, but I am. I hope to make a few post… Continue reading

The Complex Christ Chapter 5 – Christ in the City

by Kester Brewin The Christian story of the city can be traced back to Genesis 4, soon after Adam and Eve tumbled from Eden and, in troubled family isolation, brother killed brother. When… Continue reading


Christ’s emergence as a baby, born into a specific culture and a particular time, is an archetype for change. We must stop. Wait. Allow God God’s freedom and let the old pass away.… Continue reading

The Complex Christ – chapter 1: Advent

Below are my favorite quotes from chapter 1: Advent"…But before the Churh can change, before I can change, before anything changes, comes waiting. A pause. A rest.This is nature’s way, decreeing as she… Continue reading

The Complex Christ – Introduction

This week I started a new book as I rode the métro to and from my AQM  puppetry worshop. My wife bought the book a few months ago, but only when my friend… Continue reading