The Cloud of Unknowing

I’m re-reading the classic The Cloud of Unknowing. I’d like to present some of the stuff I’m finding…

“…He kindled your desire with the greatest grace and attached to it a leach of longing,…”
“…should not remain in this life without some taste of the infinite sweetness;…”
“Therefore love Jesus, and then everything that He has will be yours.”

“With respect to these powers, God is the creator of them. The first is the power of knowledge, and to the God is incomprehensible. The second is the loving power (power of love), and by means of this, God may be comprehended fully by each person, but by each in a different way.” ch.4

“And for this reason it is not called a cloud of the air, but rather a cloud of unknowing that is between you and your God.” ch.4

“And if ever you come to this cloud to dwell in it and work in it as I bid you, then, just as this cloud of unknowing is above you and between you and your God, it will be necessary for you to put in the same way a cloud of forgetting beneath you,…” ch.5

“He may be well loved, but he may not be thought of. He may be reached and held close by means of love, but by means of thought never.” ch.6

“You are to step above it with great courage and with determination, and with a devout and pleasant stirring of love, and you are to try to pierce that darkness which is above you. You are to strike that thick cloud of unknowing with a sharp dart of longing love; and you are not to retreat no matter what comes to pass.” ch.6