The Great Emergence

I’m attending THE GREAT EMERGENCE in Memphis, Tennessee.
It is based around Phyllis Tickle’s book by the same title. There will be other great speakers such as Peter Rollins from Belfast, Doug Pagitt, Sybil Macbeth (I’ve already admired her book PRAYING IN COLOR) for sme time now, also my friend Will Sampson (I met him on a plane flying back from New Mexico).

The first session w/ Phyllis focused on the Hinge time of history…every 500 years the church has a huge rummage sale.

The second session is about the past 150 years that have led up to the Hinge that we are presently in….The Great Emergence. There have been several events (44 of them) that have shaken the foundation of what has been our authority since the reformation – Sola Scriptura.