take a vacation from yourself

How does this idea hit you? yes, please! what the %*&# are you talking about? sounds creepy, no thanks ooooo! tell me more… think I’ll jump to another blog when can I start?… Continue reading

musical things of late

The last 10 days have been very musical. Here’s my accounting of what has passed through my ears: Quintette by Franz Schubert : I’ve heard a lot of String Quartets in my day,… Continue reading

a parable

And then the wise teacher said When thou taggest tag not as some hath tagged defacing the dignified mangling the majestic selfishly scrawling cowardly concealing ambiguous aberrations of one’s own name Instead When… Continue reading

guerrilla beauty

On Sunday afternoon, I bought this humble pot of ivy for the entry way of our appartement. I’ve actually been thinking about it for awhile, helping out our sad little, boring entry way.… Continue reading

a personal spiritual story

Back in 1986, I moved to Brazil with my wife and kids. I remember the first year as this crazy, exciting, frustrating, whirlwind of  Portuguese learning, culture adapting, food tasting, furniture buying,  music… Continue reading

thoughts on public worship

Andrew, a young, new friend of mine told me recently that he was going to start something to help worship leaders of contemporary-type churches become more creative, effective, etc, etc. He asked me… Continue reading

circular thinking

Another interesting exhibition at ParisCONCRET…Raisonnement circulaire (Circular Reasoning). It was a collaborative by several artists, all based on that simple, yet spiritual form, the circle. It was a pleasure to meet Dan Hill… Continue reading

wow or un-wow

Paris le Grand Palais definitely a grand palace in Paris definitely a grand place in Paris even its name is grand and palatial to see it from the outside…it is grand the sculptures… Continue reading

on the road…to something deeper

I saw the film, On the Road this week. It took place a few years before I was born. I’ve heard a lot about this book through the years…steam of consciousness, etc. and… Continue reading

Classic Brennan Manning…

…with a touch of cool.



Q: To you, what is brotherhood?
R: To me, it’s helping each other in difficult times. I’ve seen that some associations help poor children, I find that normal.

Chocolat: the village and the film

Recently with some friends, I drove about 3 hours away to Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, the beautiful, little medieval village where the movie Chocolat was filmed. (If you are driving from Paris to Lyon, it makes… Continue reading


As part of leading a group in playing “cache cache” in the Jardin de Luxembourg this week, I found myself looking at a piece of paper that gave me the following challenge: “Find… Continue reading

fresh young jazz

I went to a great jazz concert last night as part of the Jazz Festival de Saint Germain-de-près. It featured two fresh, young Jazz musicians: Fiona Monbet (violin) and Richard Manetti (guitar). They… Continue reading

food and spirit

Question: If you were to compare your connection to food with your connection to the divine, what kind of meal would it look like? Would your prayer/quiet/meditation time be more like… a cup… Continue reading

Art of the week

This week I enjoyed three entirely different art expos. 1. Rosy Crucifixion at ParisCONCRET. I love this little gallery run by my Kiwi friend, Richard….this place usually always stretches me…and that is the… Continue reading

DaVinci’s “St. Anne” at the Louvre

Last night we went to the new exposition at the Louvre of the recently cleaned and restored work by Leonardo Da Vinci referred to as the “Saint Anne”. Accompanying us were three French… Continue reading

love is all around

Give a listen to this beautiful tune by Dave Matthews while you read the following blog post. What I love in The Christmas Song is the chorus that repeats….love, love, love….love is all… Continue reading

the blue hole

This weekend I watched a tv documentary about the Bahamas. It covered a variety of topics but one in particular caught my fascination…..Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island. It plunges 202 metres (663 ft)… Continue reading

a missing puzzle piece

For about 25 years now, I’ve been questioning my notion of what “prayer” is. (Well, it is not really just my notion, because it was given to me, or I kind of inherited… Continue reading

Un autre poème magnifique de mon ami, Gilles LeBlanc

Meubles et Monde (Furniture and World)

I am SUPER PROUD of my friends Julien and Andrea!!! Their new NGO, Meubles et Monde distributes furniture to new immigrants in their community, Park Extension in Montréal. The following article appeared in… Continue reading

Comme l’Oiseau (poème)

Comme l'Oiseau (poème)

My friend, Tintin

I’ve been a big fan of Tintin ever since I started learning French in the early 90s. In fact,  Tintin taught me a lot of French as I read through his adventures. It… Continue reading