Another Blessing

May gratitude walk beside you May kindness swarm about your head May wonder be your inner child May transcendence visit often

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Here’s a amazingly beautiful and surprisingly touching story about books….

The Amazing and Continuing History of the English Language

I’m not sure why, but one of my life’s little passions is the dabbling in the history of the English language. I suppose it comes from studying and speaking other languages. If you… Continue reading


Moneyball finally made its way to Europe. The name changed to Le Stratège in French. I’ve been reflecting on the film and I’ve gathered a couple of metaphors that I’d like to throw… Continue reading

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Really nice fusion jazz with Yo-Yo Ma…. click “continue reading” to see more video…

Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain

Sanan and wandered through the Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain which is found each year on this weekend at the Bastille. (here’s one person’s video) I thought I would share with you some of… Continue reading

Great sign

I don’t really want to get into politics here on this blog…but I do like this sign.

Compositional Amnesia

A few days ago a friend dropped a brief message on the wall of my FaceBook wall, saying that she had seen a video of a Brazilian choir that seemed to be singing… Continue reading

Prehistoric cave paintings

It does something to you…. to stand in front of multi-colored paintings of  bison, horses, and reindeer,  revealed by a flashlight 70 meters into a chilly cave…and to notice real artistry …shading …movement… Continue reading

All of us are meaning-seekers…

“All of us are meaning-seekers. We approach every painting, novel, film, symphony, or ballet unconsciously hoping that it will move us one step further on the journey toward answering the question, ‘Why am… Continue reading

The Tree of Life

I’ve just seen The Tree of Life for the second time. It is a very beautiful and moving film on several levels….I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts. The first… Continue reading

Jazz Worship

Here’s a taste of the Jazz Worship that several of our friends participated in. I wish you all could have been there!

Walking the Labyrinth at Chartres

The mother of all labyrinths is in the Chartres Cathedral about an hour SW of Paris. Sanan and I, along with our favorite Dutch friend, Willemijn, made the trip last Friday. (FYI, the… Continue reading

Anger / Resentment / Forgiveness

I would like to share with you a few paragraphs from the book that Sanan and I are reading, The Spirituality of Imperfection…. The memory of things past is indeed a worm that… Continue reading

Emotional Weather

Our friend from London, Kate (not William’s Kate – this Kate is devoted to another Prince) came to visit us over the Easter weekend. During our many profound conversations over croissants in the… Continue reading

That Sacred Space Within

I was re-listening to a podcast of a discussion with John O’Donohue (Irish poet, theologian, mystic) and I felt I had to write down this part of it and share it with you… Continue reading

Cette space sacrée de l’intérieur

J’ai re-écouté une discussion avec John O’Donohue (poète irlandais, théologien, mystique) et je sentais que je devais d’écrire cette partie et de le partager avec vous car il est si incroyablement belle. Meister… Continue reading

Waging Peace

This week, a piece of paper fell out of something in the kitchen and landed on the floor. It was a poem that someone, one of friends in Montreal, wrote about us. Since… Continue reading

Blessing of Change

When the unexpected knocks you brutally to the ground And leaves you writhing in a pool of unanswered questions May you hear the song of the mountain Whose long, slow melody turns earthquakes… Continue reading

An Amazing Musical Morning

Despite the fact of having a Master’s in Music and having considered myself a musician / composer for some 40 years now, this morning I opened the door (literally) to an entirely new… Continue reading

Clapping Outloud in all the Wrong Places

Last night Sanan and I went to a concert of orchestral music at the Conservatoire de Paris. It was lovely…a collaborative event by a small London orchestra avec un petit orchestre Parisien. One… Continue reading

The Fox and the Tiger

A man walking through the forest saw a fox that had lost its legs, and he wondered how it lived. Then he saw a tiger come up with game in its mouth. The… Continue reading

Blessing of the Ages

Blessing of the Ages (to Ron & Janice) On the day when your inner child Curls up in fetal mode With thumb in mouth And blanket clutched May a thousand memories of childhood… Continue reading


A couple of weeks ago I led a group of friends in a group contemplation on fruit. (I love the French phrase that my friend, Marie came up with to describe the event:… Continue reading