Some Flowers for a Smile, Monsieur?

Last night, near the end of the vernissage of an up and coming artist at Le Pavé d’Orsay where I work, I had a stimulating conversation with a French woman name Sophie. She… Continue reading

Great Quote from Simple Abundance

Meditatio I

Check out the first of several Electro-Acoustic pieces that I’ve been busy producing. My goal here is to: play around with minimalist ideas….less is more create music that is meditative…for the background instead… Continue reading

Favorite Films : 2013

My NUMERO UNO film of 2013 is without a doubt : Searching for Sugarman. Some of you may have seen it in 2012 but for me it was this year. Searching for Sugarman*… Continue reading

Tough Questions Well Answered

Interview with Poet, Christian Wiman

Insightful interview that touches on a poets take on faith, inspiration, cancer, life, etc.  

Morning Pages Insights

In an earlier post, I dealt with the basics of the MORNING PAGES – a practice at the very heart of The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron.… Continue reading

process vs. product

The other day while reading in The Artist’s Way, I came across this simple phrase, which I’ve been chewing on ever since – “THE PROCESS, NOT THE PRODUCT, WILL BECOME YOUR FOCUS.” Of,… Continue reading

A Crimson Grail

My Parisian friend , Charles, recently turned me on to some great minimalist music that I find helpful to play during my creatively spiritual moments. So, I thought I’d share it with you.… Continue reading

Morning Pages Basics

At the heart of The Artist’s Way self-help guide for (re)discovering your creativity, is what author, Julia Cameron calls the Morning Pages. …Put simply the morning pages are three pages of longhand writing,… Continue reading

The Artist’s Way

Thanks to meeting a new friend, actress Isabelle Sprung at a party that I wasn’t too keen on going to, I find myself in a new Artist’s Way group. It was about 10… Continue reading

Arcade Fire Unites my Life

I’ve just watched the live stream of the new Arcade Fire album – Reflektor. In a weird way, it unites the loose ends of my life: Arcade Fire hails from Montreal, where I… Continue reading

Inspire Someone

Recently, I made a month-long trip back to North America to see friends and family. In many ways it was an inspiring voyage into my past, present and future at the same time.… Continue reading

Cultivating a Garden for the Elusive Extraordinary

I recently dropped by someone’s house where I encountered something very special. From the exterior, the house was typical for the area: fresh paint, nice lawn. On the inside all was in order,… Continue reading

We Were Horses

Today Sanan and I went to watch the horses of l’Academie Equestre de Versailles have their morning workout. Their show “WE WERE HORSES” is featured at Parc de la Villette. Horses are such… Continue reading

Creativity and the Everyday Brain

Allow me to suggest an interesting National Public Radio interview with Rex Jung, who does research on the interplay between intelligence, creativity and personality in the brain. “How do we prime our… Continue reading

Easter Labyrinths in Amsterdam

For the second year in a row, my wife and I accepted the invitation of our Dutch friend, Willimijn to come to Amsterdam for the Easter weekend. This time, however, she gave us… Continue reading

The bells, Esmeralda, the bells!

Quasimodo will finally have new bells to ring. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is getting a fresh new set of bells for its 850 birthday (read about them in detail here). They… Continue reading

Playing Cache Cache

There are 3 new CACHE CACHE dates on the calendar. If you are wondering what CACHE CACHE is…..check out the website. Paris: 5 – 7 April 2013  (coming up soon) Amsterdam: 7 –… Continue reading

A Complete Disaster…

…is what I would call the exhibit we went to on Sunday….that’s because the name of it was: Disaster: The End of Days…our first visit to the amazing new Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in… Continue reading

The Music of Laura Llorens

About 6 months ago, I was having just another coffee with Laura Llorens at a café parisien typique, when she unloaded some pretty exciting news: that she was going to record a new… Continue reading

The Land Art of Andy Goldsworthy

I really, really enjoy the “land art” of Andy Goldsworthy. He has a way of looking at nature differently and rearranging it in subtle but fascinating ways. It’s natural. It’s temporal. It’s simple.… Continue reading

The Cry of Body and Soul

from day one in this world we eat we poop we sleep we cry there are no lessons involved no training needed we just do it as adults we have learned to harness… Continue reading

Guerrilla Beauty Update

Back in June I bought some ivy for this little nook in the entry way of our apartment building. (read about it here) I called it guerrilla beauty.  I put the ivy there… Continue reading