The bells, Esmeralda, the bells!

Quasimodo will finally have new bells to ring. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is getting a fresh new set of bells for its 850 birthday (read about them in detail here). They have been on display inside the cathedral recently and I paid them a visit. As you can see in the slide show below, each are quite unique and they even have their own name.

The bells of Notre Dame have quite a history. Bells have been ringing from the cathedral since the end of the 1100s. The smaller ones were taken during the French Revolution and melted down. They were replaced in the mid 1800s but with inferior quality metal, and for this reason they deserve replacing. Even I have noticed their rather weak and anemic sound quality.

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Just a bit more bell trivia. The largest bell, named Emmanuel is only rung on special occasions. I plan to be there at Easter to hear it. The bells have to be supported by a wooden structure which can absorb the vibrations. Stone would crack.