Inspire Someone

Recently, I made a month-long trip back to North America to see friends and family. In many ways it was an inspiring voyage into my past, present and future at the same time. Let me explain:

  • my past – because I was able to connect with people like Jeannie, the neighbor girl with whom I walked to and from elementary school many times…and lots of friends from high school because I attended my HS reunion…and Bob, my church music director who inspired me to study music and work with and compose music for choirs…and of course my own daughters and other family members.
  • my present – thanks to social networking many of the people I saw I have an ongoing relationship with still….like Ron, Gilles, Tracy….and again family falls in here again.
  • my future – because I met for the first time my first grand child, Ian.  He (and hopefully others) will play a role in my future role as an inspiring grandfather.

All along the journey, I caught glimpses of inspiration. Inspiration for the present through authors that I’ve never met. Inspiration that I have received from others in the past as well as that which I was able to offer to others along the way. Inspiration yet to come….that I will need be a source of it for this new grandson.

Finspiresomeoneunny thing about inspiration: We usually don’t know at the moment that we are inspiring someone. If ywe are inspiring someone over coffee conversation or at a meal, they are so busy processing what you are saying that they don’t have energy or time to say “hey, you’re inspiring me!” However, we can see it in their eyes at times.

Another thing about inspiration: It usually seeps in so deeply that it is becomes a part of a person’s core desires, passions, dreams, plans, etc. So, in other words….it becomes their idea and not yours. It means, again we probably won’t get credit for the inspiration….but isn’t a beautiful thing when that happens?

But on rare occasions… on voyages back to see friends from the past….if we’re lucky….we will be inspired by the glimpses of inspiration that we have given to others.

So go…. keep going…. inspire someone…..keep inspiring…..and you will be inspired.