Creativity and the Everyday Brain

creativity-ordinary-brainAllow me to suggest an interesting National Public Radio interview with Rex Jung, who does research on the interplay between intelligence, creativity and personality in the brain.

“How do we prime our brains to take the meandering mental paths necessary for creativity? New techniques of brain imaging, Rex Jung says, are helping us gain a whole new view on the differences between intelligence, creativity, and personality. He unsettles some old assumptions — and suggests some new connections between creativity and family life, creativity and aging, and creativity and purpose.”

Personal Take-Aways:

  • Brainstorming may not be the best way to generate new ideas….based on a New Yorker Magazine article
  • Intelligence needs fast brain activity. Creativity needs slow, meandering brain activity.
  • The right brain – left brain divide that has become so popular in recent years is not so prominent as we’ve made it out to be.

If you really appreciate this sort of discussion, I would suggest the extended and unedited interview with Mr. Jung.