guerrilla beauty

On Sunday afternoon, I bought this humble pot of ivy for the entry way of our appartement. I’ve actually been thinking about it for awhile, helping out our sad little, boring entry way. When I saw the appropriate potted ivy at the market, I bought it. Pretty easy. No one in the building knows it was I who put it there…kind of fun, actually.

Your assignment this week (if you choose to accept it) is to join me in my guerrilla strike force and beautify something in YOUR world, without letting anyone know about it. It can be a simple as picking up someone else’s trash…or planting flowers in a neglected planter in your neighborhood…or stripping an out-of-date poster off of a telephone pole…or mowing a older neighbor’s lawn…or buying flowers for your office suite… or cleaning the communal microwave…or straightening a painting in the waiting room… or…well, that’s where you come in, because together, we can think of a lot more ideas. G0t it?

If you just HAVE to tell someone of your guerrilla activity….you can leave a comment below…we promise not to tell.

………On a deeper,  more philosophically existential level, I find this kind of activity very helpful. As I’m “in the act” I often think to myself things like: I may not know why I was put on this earth, I may not have reached my full potential, I may not make much of an impact in the world, I may not be good at things I wish I was good at….but THIS thing that I do RIGHT NOW….I’m good at this. I like this. I can do this. So, if my role in the world is to secretly scatter beauty around…I’m ok with that. Try it out.