My Compassion Manifesto

This Rumi quote is going to become my theme, not for just this year, but for the next several years

Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” -Rumi

You see, my world has been slowly clicking upside down for the past 10 years, ever since my wife’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

It has gradually led me to re-think the principle expression of my spirituality as it has become more about care-giving and compassion. So without knowing it, I followed the advice of this quote and haven’t resisted it. And now, I feel the deep need to double or triple down on this idea of compassion. You see, I’ve looked at these Trump years followed by covid as a stress test on our world and the results are obvious… we’ve failed the test.

As I look out on the horizon of the years I have left on this earth, I see more difficulty out there, especially with the looming Climate Crisis. It is going to cause mass displacement of people across the globe. This upheaval will result in incredible anguish and distress for many.

There will be 3 possible responses to this crisis:

  1. To do nothing
  2. To circle the wagons and pull out the shotguns
  3. To live compassionately

I’m choosing number 3 already! I’m vowing to spend the rest of my days promoting compassion in anyway and every way I can. I want to throw all my limited creativity at it and collaborate with thousands of others similar souls out there and develop networks of radically compassionate people everywhere I can.

Whether it is theologically right or wrong, I’ve minimalized my faith down to this one word: COMPASSION. And I’m on a journey to learn how this concept deeply connects me to kindred souls in many other faiths and those of no faith. It has already been an exciting journey these past few months. And I can’t wait to see what all is out there.

So this is your warning (LOL) If you don’t want to hear about becoming more compassionate, please unfriend me now!

If you stick with me, I’ll be asking you for your input, your ideas, your suggestions, your collaboration and perhaps much more.