Rivière Montmorency

I spent the weekend near Québec City with good friends in a log cabin not far from the Montmorency river. Saturday morning was spent playing in the cold mountain stream. I couldn’t help but compare the struggle to walk through the rocky stream with life itself:
Lots of choices…which rock to step on, which series of rocks to cross the river on.
Backtracks…often I had to admit that I had chosen poorly and I backtracked to take another option
Wet pants…the object of course is to play in the river without getting your shorts wet. I didn’t always succeed
Old sayings…I kept remembering sayings like “still water runs deep” These snipets of info from past sources come in really handy.
Fun…Although I didn’t advance terribly far down the river, I was able to get back and forth at several spots, but most of all, I had a lot of fun doing such a simple but challenging task.