Düsseldorf and other city names

Driving to Düsseldorf, Germany for the first time this weekend, I already had in my mind a slight smile every time I said the name “Düsseldorf” or saw it on the map…..you have to admit it IS a funny name. Because of this, all along the route, I saw other crazy city names….so I thought I would share with you the results of our “Funniest City Names on the Way to Düsseldorf Contest” (I’ve included Wikipedia links so you won’t think I’m making these up!)

The most intriguing city name = Spy, Belgium

The most culinary-related city name = Bouillon, Belgium

The most business-related city name = Manage, Belgium

The most sexually provocative city name = Titz, Germany (ironically, we passed through this city twice)

The most Canadian city name = Donchery, France (Don Cherry is a colorful, flamboyant, over-the-top, Canadian sportscaster and former NHL coach.)


The silliest city name of the trip to Düsseldor = Silly-le-long, France