10 Painful Rejection Letters To NOW Famous People

U2 Rejection Letter

U2 Rejection Letter

If you are an artist of any kind, you’ve suffered rejection. Rejected manuscripts. Rejected proposals. Rejected ideas. Rejected projects. In the midst of it, we feel alone…and of course, REJECTED. It can be extremely difficult to lift your head and keep going….to send the idea back out there just one more time. There’s an avalanche of negative sentiment. All the negative voices heard throughout your life all re-speak in one overwhelming cacophony.

One sure-fire way of pushing against the negative onslaught, is to realize how many other artists have been down this same dark path. Here are 10 rejection letters sent to artists early in their careers who eventually kept going and put their idea back out there one more time. Take some time to read through them. You need their companionship on your own artistic journey.