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Jean & Guiseppe

Check out these cool, acoustic jazz grooves from some spiritually creative friends. I particularly like “Song of Hope.” I’m proud to say I was the first to buy their on-line album….may I suggest… Continue reading

Classic Brennan Manning…

…with a touch of cool.



Q: To you, what is brotherhood?
R: To me, it’s helping each other in difficult times. I’ve seen that some associations help poor children, I find that normal.

Art of the week

This week I enjoyed three entirely different art expos. 1. Rosy Crucifixion at ParisCONCRET. I love this little gallery run by my Kiwi friend, Richard….this place usually always stretches me…and that is the… Continue reading

New Websites

Sorry for not writing much lately, but I’ve helping a couple of friends with their own websites. Zoé is a visually-impaired artist that I’ve come to know lately. She wants to help others… Continue reading

Happy New Year

and a happy 1/1/11 What a one of a kind date! Notice I posted this at 11:11!