Reflection / / / Rant on the Kingdom

The following is my reflection or rant on Mark 1:15. Many have used this verse to develop a healthier view of the message which Jesus preached "the kingdom of God". I have used it a couple of times as a spoken word performance.

The time is fulfilled,
and the kingdom of God is at hand:
repent ye,
and believe the gospel.

The time has come,
The kingdom of God is near.
and believe the good news!"

The time is ripe
The kingdom of God is close by
So change your life
And trust this good news

The seems the final connection has been made
The network of God is up and running. It seems to be amazingly fast.
So we suggest you quit your old dial-up system and upgrade and reconnect as soon as possible.
Trust us on this one: This network is totally virus-free and will never, ever crash on you. That’s what they are saying. So…it looks good!

It is as if this very moment is pregnant
Ready deliver into our world a new life…a new way of life…or a new way of being alive.
So much so…it make you want to rethink every thing… rethink what you have consider “living” up to this point and do what ever it takes to
Inter into…ride upon…flow through…to taste this different and frightening way of being alive. Different? Because here, not just the rich, the cool and the beautiful have fun. But the poor, the broken, the ugly, the abused, the maimed, the sick, the cripple, the paralized, the heartbroken….all and I mean all are loved and highly valued. Here, everyone is invited to the party, everyone is asked to dance, everyone is picked for a team, everyone is connected. Everyone is loved. Frighening? Because once you experience this side of life…you are invited to live out this kind of love in our kind of world.
So if you are ready, you can now start to really live and to really love. Once you step in…you will know it is true,…it is right…it is beautiful it is good.

Hey! It’s going on right now, but it’s not too late. In fact it may not really kick into high gear until we get there.
The God of the whole universe is throwing a incredibly huge party. He’s pulling out all the stops. It’s going to last for days or weeks or probably even longer. Everybody who is Nobody is going to be there.
So quit just watching TV, take a shower, put on your party clothes. We gotta go…
Ok, I forgot to tell you, but the incredible news is that we don’t have to crash this party. We are actually invited! What do you mean I’m lying? Hey here’s the invitation. Look, here’s the one with your name on it. Trust me! It’cool!

Listen! Do you feel it? Are you hearin’ it? I’m beginning to see it.
It’s the Divine Dance! It’s like God himself is dancing all around us.  I mean all out dancing!
Everything in creation has already joined in. Look…see that tree swaying, and that clouds moving…the light sparkling on the water…the birds, the squirrels…
Hey! He’s invitin’us…he wants us to dance….Don’t just stand there, start moving, Feel the rhythm, move to the beat, Get in sync with this vibe, man.
Look…it’s happenin’ He’s invitin’ everybody…Look at that cripple man…he dancin’…and that blind lady…she’s feeling big time….hey…look at that homeless guy…he’s going after it, man.
Everything in my body tells me this is right! I’m trusting my feet now.They say it’s really good.

Are you wondering where you are? Are you wondering whether this is a virtual world or a real world? Is it a just a dream or is it real life? You have just awoken within a dream. A dream that started a very long time ago, and it will last…well perhaps, forever. However, it’s not your dream. It is the dream of the creator of dreams. It is the dream of the creator of reality, the creator of life….The creator.
So…why are you here, you may be asking? It is the deep, deep desire of the dream creator, that you drench yourself in his dream, that you find your role in his reality, that you live life with him. However…to do this you must be willing to leave behind this measly existance that you so crudely refer to as “your life”, which up until now has been characterized by…let’s see…collecting things for yourself, doing things for yourself, going places for yourself, eating as much food as yourself wants and basically sabotaging all relationships so no one can realize the true extent of your miserableness.
So, what do say? Take the red pill and you return to “your life” Take the blue pill and see just how real this dream is. Believe me when I tell you: His dream will become your dream. His reality will become your reality. His life your life. You will feel what he feels, you will do what he does, you will love who he loves.
Too good to be true, you ask? It IS Good and it IS True.

Umm. Remember the incredible network we told you about? We’ve been doing some more tests.  We only just detected this. But our evidence is conclusive. There has been a parallel network running at the same time as ours. The thing is…how do I say this…basically it is about a billion, gillion gigabytes faster and more powerful than network that we could ever imagine.
There’s something else you need to know…it doesn’t matter how old or slow or little memory you have or how even how broken your computer is…when you’re connected to this thing it…it…it… redefines everything we know to this point. It literally takes you into another realm.
What do I suggest? You would have to be comletely out of your mind to not connect to this thing. Trash what ever you have been using.
I told you that it will never crash….but according to our tests…it has never crashed…no blue screens ever. It is, with a doubt whatsoever, the network of networks…the biggest, the fastest, the most inclusive, the most forgiving the most dependable….well the most!
Oh…and did I tell you…It’s free?

The Kingdom, the empire, the realm the dominion…
The network, the connection,
the dance, the vibe the resonance
the dream, the reality, the vision
the mission, the church, the movement
what ever you care to call it.
It is all about Him:
the creator, the sustainer, the lover
the redeemer, the Saviour,
The Emmanuel, The King
What ever is happening it is happening right now.  There is no need to wait for anything else to happen. We are Not talking about the future…this kingdom, this reality is here and it is now.
So, repent, rethink, re-examine
Change, move, jump, dance
Open-up, enter-in, come-out
And follow and trust and believe in and depend upon
This incredibly important piece of information that I have tried my best to tell you about.

This is a special and unique moment
God’s radical, loving way of living life has penetrated our world.
He invites each of us to live it out with Him.
So forget what you have called “living” up to now
And follow him into his definition of life and you will be very glad you did.

The time is fulfilled,
and the kingdom of God is at hand:
repent ye,
and believe the gospel.