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Art Party – modern dance music

This past weekend we had a fabulous ART PARTY chez nous! It featured my recently composed music for a modern dance company in South Florida. But, knowing that would be a bit boring… Continue reading

What is Technology is Doing to Us?

The Cry: A Christmas Poem (kind of)

A very real and raw poem by my good friend Mary Featherstone. You can find more of her poems at Mud At The Wall. We struggle through life Dragging carrier bags Heavy with… Continue reading

Poem: for Tomorrow

A FANTASTIC new performance poem / video by Joel McKerrow. . . . . . . .  

For Fools and Dreamers

Some inspiring words from Karlie Allaway of the U.K. – via Jonny Baker Yes we are still fools Yes we are still dreamers Who else would keep looking at desolation and in the… Continue reading

Aussie Performance Poet

Last week we hosted Joel & Heidi McKerrow during the “Parisian” part of their more-than-a-year-long tour around the world. Heidi is a contemporary dancer and Joel is a performance poet. I thought I… Continue reading

a parable

And then the wise teacher said When thou taggest tag not as some hath tagged defacing the dignified mangling the majestic selfishly scrawling cowardly concealing ambiguous aberrations of one’s own name Instead When… Continue reading

Un autre poème magnifique de mon ami, Gilles LeBlanc

Comme l’Oiseau (poème)

Comme l'Oiseau (poème)

Another Blessing

May gratitude walk beside you May kindness swarm about your head May wonder be your inner child May transcendence visit often

Waging Peace

This week, a piece of paper fell out of something in the kitchen and landed on the floor. It was a poem that someone, one of friends in Montreal, wrote about us. Since… Continue reading

Blessing of Change

When the unexpected knocks you brutally to the ground And leaves you writhing in a pool of unanswered questions May you hear the song of the mountain Whose long, slow melody turns earthquakes… Continue reading

Blessing of the Ages

Blessing of the Ages (to Ron & Janice) On the day when your inner child Curls up in fetal mode With thumb in mouth And blanket clutched May a thousand memories of childhood… Continue reading

UPDATE: bells and poems

I’ve recently added two more children’s poems to my “writing” page to fill out a little trio of Winter Poems. Please print them out and read them to a child near you this… Continue reading

After Christmas Let Down

So Christmas is over The tree is all brown The presents aren’t present And I’m feeling let down We had a good time though With much family around But it’s so sad to… Continue reading

A Mid-Winter Prayer

From the rising of the midwinter sun to its setting Scatter the darkness with the light of your love, O Shining One. Make me short on mean thoughts, long on offering words of… Continue reading

Reflection / / / Rant on the Kingdom

The following is my reflection or rant on Mark 1:15. Many have used this verse to develop a healthier view of the message which Jesus preached "the kingdom of God". I have used… Continue reading

The Invitation

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.             It… Continue reading