For Fools and Dreamers

Some inspiring words from Karlie Allaway of the U.K. – via Jonny Baker

Yes we are still fools
Yes we are still dreamers

Who else would keep looking at desolation
and in the end
only respond by imagining beauty?

Who else would stay in manure and wait for seeds
because they remembered a rumour of fruit?

Who else would reach right into the deepest pain and fear and try to love there
even continue to try when hope dies
and love’s flame flickers in the cold wind of selfishness?

May we be saved all the more
from the false sanity of comfort
and numbly knowing all the answers

May our questions old and new
be transfigured into
the kernels of graced dreams
and grow our deep rooted imagination
of creation healed and whole

And in our becoming begun again
May the ancient first fruit of inspired hope
nurture enough new foolish wisdom
to go on living the love that makes no sense

by Karlie Allaway