This morning I woke up to a radio documentary about the coming of the smart engery grid in Europe. It excited me that there could be such an interconnectedness of systems, so that my clothes dyer could receive a signal as to when the electricity price is lowest and would start up; that the energy I may produce from my own solar panels would lower my own bill and even make me money.

Once awake, with coffee in hand, I took a look at the Tall Skinny Kiwi’s blog which directed me to a TED talk by one of his heros, Chris Anderson on how web video powers global innovation. Exciting stuff.

About an hour later, the bells of the Reform church next door to us rang and we dropped in for the service. It is a beautiful building with an newly restored tracker organ (meaning: no electronic parts). The service is a traditional Reform service which has changed little in a few centuries. All of the songs that we sung were from the 16th and 17th centuries except one “new” one from 1860’s. I actually enjoy singing these quirky little melodies of Genevan Psalmody. The pastor even had on a black robe and a white doily under his chin. It’s like stepping back into some kind of religious museum and experiencing it, not just reading about it.

This brings me to what my mind has been contemplating today….do we want to go forward or backward? So within a few hours this morning I experienced both. Which direction do I want to choose? Many of my friends seem they want to go backward. They seem to think the answers lie somewhere in recapturing a past theology, like my church next door has been preserving. In reading American news it is hard to miss talk of the “founding father’s” and even people dressed up like them at rallies.

But, you can’t go back. Period. Get over it. All it takes is one high school class reunion and you get it. Even though you are all together like “before” it is not the same…and it never will be.

So why not decide to go forward? Sure it is unknown, dangerous….but incredibly exciting. We are the ones who are going to shape the future! We can work together to make it what we we want it to be. A future that has learned from its past.

See you in the future,