This afternoon I was minding my own business, while walking down a narrow but busy street, when all of a sudden I heard the loud baaaaaaing of a goat. I quickly looked around, wondering what would a goat be doing in a the downtown of a modern (well it is about 2000 years old) European city. Suddenly a middle-aged man zooms by me on a bicycle while baaaaaaing like a goat! I thought to my self – what would make a normal-looking, middle-aged man, obviously returning home from work, repeatedly baaaaaa like a goat while riding his bike down the street? Now you may think he did it just a few times and then laughed at peoples reaction – no sir! This guy baaaaaed like a goat over and over, with a completely straight face as if he did it all the time. So why? – that’s the question that has been baaaaaaaing in my brain all evening. Maybe he was a guerrilla soundscape artist intentionally injecting nostalgic memories of childhood in the French countryside into the mundane Parisian work-a-day world That’s one possibility, do you have others?