La Nuit Blanche 2010

Sanan and I passed La Nuit Blanche (see the wikipedia explanation) with about 10-12 friends from La Fonderie. Basically, it’s an evening where you visit a hundred or so art installations all over town (well, not really – they were concentrated in three area around Belleville in the east, le centre-ville and the west)

Without a doubt the highlight was TRAVERSÉE, an installation and performance dansée by friends de La Fonderie, Aurélie and Jaime. Aurélie had suspended very long strips of luxuriant fabric from the ceiling of the Temple du Marais church. All alone the cloth had a mesmerizing appeal, but Jaime appeared on the hour and performed a 10 minute contemporary dance which culminated in him pouring a carafe of water slowly on his head. It was amazing! Bravo!

Perhaps the coolest installation (that I saw) was the massive arrangement of grids the entire length of the Pont Saint-Louis near l’Église Notre-Dame on which was projected white images of grids. All of this pulsed to some pretty sweet techno beats.

But the best part of the night was spending time with friends and getting to know new friends a lot better. Merci à tous!