The Insignificant Becomes Significant

Pixie LabyrinthA couple of years ago, I spent a summer Saturday, along with some friends in the Forêt de Dourdan  about 45 minutes south-west of Paris. The objective was to create some Land Art just for the fun of it. However, to our dismay, we realized that summer is not the best season for Land Art – there is too much…too much green…too much growth…too much everything – at least in this particular forest. So we messed around, hiked around and enjoyed the forest anyway. I did, however, take a few minutes while waiting around to create a small and insignificant labyrinth on an old tree trunk….and called it my Labyrinth for the Wood Faires.

Thanks to internet tags, Lyndel of Victoria, Australia saw the picture and asked my permission to use it in a dance performance. The Blink Dance Theatre use the image as the back drop to a dance project they called The Red Tree.  

So on a day when I thought nothing of significance took place, my little nothing became the backdrop for someone else’s big project…

Here are some pictures from The Red Tree dance performance:


_DSC0428Ac _DSC0432c _DSC0433c