Pray like a Gourmet: A Book Review

This book will be on the shelf, but not for long – because I am going to use it over and over again. Go ahead and get it! I’ll be buying copies for my colleagues, that’s for sure!


Pray like a Gourmet: Creative Ways to Feed Your Soul by David Brazzeal

One chapter into this book and I was already forming my review: This book wasn’t what I was expecting, and I am not sure I made a wise choice in picking…

I’m SO GLAD I didn’t give up!

There truly are not many books that have me writing notes for uses in ministry beyond one or two. I can find ideas in pretty much everything. However, in this book, I have officially decided what our mission team will be doing together in our last team meeting:

We are going to FEAST together.

Last year, we did prayer stations, focusing on healing from recent events in our community, and it was beautiful. I don’t expect any different this year, using the courses layout of Brazzeal’s book as my foundation.

Brazzeal uses a meal as the framework for re-thinking…

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