art jam session

At this moment….I’m witnessing the birth of art….the ephemeral creative process…the sacred rite that humans do in imitating their Creator.  I’m in an art studio…. an atelier. It’s messy and chaotic.  A pianist is squeezing incredible acoustic sonorities from an old grand piano. A dancer is swinging long blond hair and sliding bare feet across a paint-splattered carpet. A painter, inspired by the sight and sound around him, quickly scratches pastel sticks on paper against the wall. The room is littered with past creative expressions of all sizes and mediums.

My friend, Edson has found he paints better in the company of other creative friends….and friends like me are allowed to just sit back and bask in it all…..hypnotic…multi-sensorial…delicate….improvisatory…encompassing….overwhelming creativity appearing before me…like months of gestation in fast-forward mode.

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