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Poppy Ackroyd – RESOLVE

From my LIKE LIST: Poppy Ackroyd!!! If you don’t know about Poppy yet, well, consider this your introduction. This woman from Brighton, UK is amazing. Her music is upbeat, playful and energetic. Check… Continue reading

Minquiers by Minihi

from my Like List I love the joyfulness of this piece. Just makes me feel good. Give it a listen. SPOTIFY: APPLE: PANDORA: From time to time I’ll share a… Continue reading

String Play

Another piece of music for modern dance…..I give you String Play.

TE DEUM – Latin/English/French-Jazz/Classical

Check out this “in progress” video filmed during the choral recording of John Featherstone’s TE DEUM. It is an amazing work in 3 languages and melange of classical, jazz and gospel styles. Truly… Continue reading

Sweet Thing – Really Touching Video by my Friend Laura Llorens

Afternoon Fun

Music for modern dance written for the Demetrius Klein Dance Company DIY Projects of West Palm Beach, FL in 2016

Some Kind of Morning

Music for modern dance used by choreographers Demetrius Klein and Gina Buntz in 2016

Art Party – modern dance music

This past weekend we had a fabulous ART PARTY chez nous! It featured my recently composed music for a modern dance company in South Florida. But, knowing that would be a bit boring… Continue reading

25 Year Anniversary of HCC

25 years ago in Brazil, I played a role in the most grand musical project of my lifetime – The creation of a new Hymnal for Brazilian churches. We called it the Hinário Para Culto Cristão.

7+7+7+7= a Modern Dance Project

I’m really proud to be collaborating again with the Demetrius Klein Dance Company. I’ll be providing all of music for the Seven Dances, Seven Minutes, Seven Choreographers and Seven Spaces portion of this… Continue reading

Just – Inspiration from the Song of Songs

This piece of minimalist vocal music from David Lang has quickly become my favorite piece of music. Besides being an amazingly enchanting piece of music, what David Lang is doing with the text… Continue reading

New Sounds

Perhaps you are like me – I have rather strange tastes in music. What I like doesn’t easily fit in the pre-designed genre niches established by the music industry. When I log onto… Continue reading

Meditatio I

Check out the first of several Electro-Acoustic pieces that I’ve been busy producing. My goal here is to: play around with minimalist ideas….less is more create music that is meditative…for the background instead… Continue reading

A Crimson Grail

My Parisian friend , Charles, recently turned me on to some great minimalist music that I find helpful to play during my creatively spiritual moments. So, I thought I’d share it with you.… Continue reading

Arcade Fire Unites my Life

I’ve just watched the live stream of the new Arcade Fire album – Reflektor. In a weird way, it unites the loose ends of my life: Arcade Fire hails from Montreal, where I… Continue reading

The Music of Laura Llorens

About 6 months ago, I was having just another coffee with Laura Llorens at a café parisien typique, when she unloaded some pretty exciting news: that she was going to record a new… Continue reading

Bobby McFerrin

This weekend two bits of info on Bobby McFerrin crossed my computer screen and sent some needed inspiration my way…..I thought I would share them with you. First of all:  Sanan told me… Continue reading

art jam session

At this moment….I’m witnessing the birth of art….the ephemeral creative process…the sacred rite that humans do in imitating their Creator.  I’m in an art studio…. an atelier. It’s messy and chaotic.  A pianist… Continue reading

musical things of late

The last 10 days have been very musical. Here’s my accounting of what has passed through my ears: Quintette by Franz Schubert : I’ve heard a lot of String Quartets in my day,… Continue reading

fresh young jazz

I went to a great jazz concert last night as part of the Jazz Festival de Saint Germain-de-près. It featured two fresh, young Jazz musicians: Fiona Monbet (violin) and Richard Manetti (guitar). They… Continue reading

The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Really nice fusion jazz with Yo-Yo Ma…. click “continue reading” to see more video…

Compositional Amnesia

A few days ago a friend dropped a brief message on the wall of my FaceBook wall, saying that she had seen a video of a Brazilian choir that seemed to be singing… Continue reading

Jazz Worship

Here’s a taste of the Jazz Worship that several of our friends participated in. I wish you all could have been there!

An Amazing Musical Morning

Despite the fact of having a Master’s in Music and having considered myself a musician / composer for some 40 years now, this morning I opened the door (literally) to an entirely new… Continue reading