New Sounds

New SoundsPerhaps you are like me – I have rather strange tastes in music. What I like doesn’t easily fit in the pre-designed genre niches established by the music industry. When I log onto Deezer or Spotify they never quite have what I’m longing to hear. As with Itunes Music, some of these services allow you to build your own channels…that helps, and I’ve discovered some great music that way, but they eventually quite working.

Allow me to suggest another source that is a bit old-school but works for me. It’s the WNYC radio show called NEW SOUNDS. I’m not sure when it is scheduled on your local NPR radio show (if you live in the usa) but you can catch their podcast anytime you want.

What interest me most in music in innovation. I want to hear music where I feel the musicians are rethinking things….not content with just another song, but are trying to create something altogether new….new harmonies, new combinations of instruments, new ways of playing instruments, new ways of making music.

I hope you enjoy NEW SOUNDS.