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Taking a risk

I took a big risk this morning. It was a bit scary. I wasn’t at all sure of the outcome. It could have all gone wrong. But I did it anyway and now… Continue reading

Restos du Coeurs

For a few weeks now Sanan and I have been participating on a team that every Tuesday night provides a pretty good hot meal for about 100 people. The meal usually includes bread,… Continue reading

La Nuit Blanche 2010

Sanan and I passed La Nuit Blanche (see the wikipedia explanation) with about 10-12 friends from La Fonderie. Basically, it’s an evening where you visit a hundred or so art installations all over… Continue reading


This afternoon I was minding my own business, while walking down a narrow but busy street, when all of a sudden I heard the loud baaaaaaing of a goat. I quickly looked around,… Continue reading


This morning I woke up to a radio documentary about the coming of the smart engery grid in Europe. It excited me that there could be such an interconnectedness of systems, so that… Continue reading

Thoughts on 9/11 protests

I must admit that I’m disappointed in those protesting the mosque that is to be built near the WTC site, especially the Christians who are riding this wave of anger toward Muslims.(I’m not… Continue reading

Non-seedless grapes

The beauty of non-seedless grapes (that’s grapes with seeds for those who have trouble with double negatives) is that you have to slow down, think about each grape, treat each grape as an… Continue reading

The Great Emergence

I’m attending THE GREAT EMERGENCE in Memphis, Tennessee. It is based around Phyllis Tickle’s book by the same title. There will be other great speakers such as Peter Rollins from Belfast, Doug… Continue reading

Cycical Theory of History

Yesterday I was reading about the novel Finnegans Wake, which is based around the cyclical theory of history as developed by philosopher Giambattista Vico in 1725. Vico saw that history passes through four… Continue reading

emergent gathering

I’ve just returned from the emergent gathering near Santa Fe, NM…I found it quite inspiring hanging out with about 170 similarly thinking people and eating great New Mexican cuisine. On the first evening… Continue reading

Montreal Jazz Festival

This is my far my favorite week of the year…Le Festival de Jazz International de Montreal. I’ve had two very spiritual moments so far. The first was listening to Eric Bibb a blues… Continue reading

Rivière Montmorency

I spent the weekend near Québec City with good friends in a log cabin not far from the Montmorency river. Saturday morning was spent playing in the cold mountain stream. I couldn’t help… Continue reading

A Rainy Day

Looking out my upstairs window; People seem inconvienced Plants seem thankful God’s incredibly important refreshment in the form of rain comes incredibly sporatic and apparently randomly. So isn’t it ok for other things… Continue reading